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Corporate governance

The Board of Directors

The annual planning schedule for the Board of Directors consists of six meetings, one of which is conducted on a local site within the Hilding Anders Group.

The agendas for the board meetings follow an annual schedule. The focus for Q1 is on the results of the previous year. Meetings during Q2 and Q3 focus on forecast 1 and the review of the strategic plan, while the focus in Q4 is on the budget for the forthcoming financial period.

Added to the board are an audit committee and a remuneration committee. Both are headed by the Chairman of the Board. The remuneration committee agrees on the salaries for top managers and the general salary increase levels throughout the company. The audit committee focuses mainly on the compliance of the Group’s financial accounts globally.

The Hilding Anders strategy process

The Group strategy process is directed by Group Management. It has been in place since 2011, when it was installed as a tool for the five business regions to better plan their activities, and to better follow up on laid plans.

It’s an annual process, where over-riding group strategic activities are combined with operational targets and KPI’s. The process starts in May and continues until mid-September, when the final presentation is made to the board of directors.