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Strategic direction

We are working continuously in line with a new strategic direction, with an aim to strengthen the Group and become the true leader in the bed and bedding industry.

We make progress in all strategic areas: our European turnaround markets are starting to move in the right direction, our Russian joint venture Askona continues to gain momentum, and we have installed a new organisation in Asia in order to capture growth opportunities in particular in China.

Key areas for change

  1. We have moved from a buy and build strategy towards a build and buy strategy. We focus on fuelling organic growth in mature markets and adding strategic acquisitions in emerging markets. To do this we analyse business drivers and market conditions, and use our local presence to closely monitor consumer needs and behaviours.
  2. We move from an aggregated company to an integrated company. In order to bring us forward as one company, the country organisation focuses on sales and prosecution execution while overriding processes such as procurement, portfolio & innovation, supply chain are steered on Group or regional level.
  3. We intend to act as a European market leader in the beds and bedding industry. Our goal is to move from being on par with competition to taking market share.
  4. We shift from optimising current conditions to pursuing common opportunities. By gathering local customer insights and sharing knowledge, we intend to drive innovation at the market and global levels.

Strategic objectives

Our vision is to be the leading provider of beds, recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers. ‘Leading’ for us does not mean size alone; it comprises different key performance indicators which together make us the perceived leader in our industry:

  • Financials: Annual organic growth exceeding 5% and an EBITDA of 15%.
  • Product portfolio: A substantial part of annual sales shall be generated through new products.
  • Brand portfolio: Sizeable market shares in the segments and markets we choose to work in.
  • Go-to-market: Strong relationships with key customers, meaning that our share with a particular customer is at least on par with our market share in this market.
  • Operations: Operations showing productivity increases higher than wage inflation.
    Organisation: The Hilding Anders organisation shall be diversified, talented and committed.

our Mission

is to give the world a good night’s sleep.

our Vision

is to be the leading provider of beds, recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers.